Some of My Work

GLL Restoration is a small company, located in South Berwick Maine, which concentrates in the restoration and conservation of fine antique furniture and wooden objects, as well as the restoration and finishing of oak and mahogany wall paneling. The company was established in 1987 and has been owned and operated by myself since.

My Story

            Having been born and trained in Germany, I hold a degree in Cabinet Making and a Masters Degree in Restoration. My specialties are solid woods (tables, chairs, sideboard, etc.), as well as veneer, inlay Marquetry work, and Boulle and counter Boulle. The finest French polish and padding finishes, lacquer work (Chinese and Japanese), and gilding. My water gilding procedures are the original old French and English methods, which are proven the best in the world. I own a substantial collection of old exotic and domestic woods, Ebonies, Tortoiseshell, Mother of Pearl, Ivory and more, to guarantee the proper material for the job. I do not use epoxy - or resin glues, all my glues are organic and reversible, which means if it breaks in the future it can be fixed again.


My finishes are the finest shellac finishes, with the flake imported from Germany. The methods I use to restore furniture and wooden objects are the same as the ones used in making them, which are generally not known in this country because of a lack of appropriate schools and/or teaching shops.


            My work is very labor intensive because I do not use heavy machinery, I do it by hand. My stains, waxes, oils and other materials are self-made and are made using century-old recipes. I do not refinish, I restore and conserve, which means that I actually enhance the value of furniture pieces rather than take away from if it were to be restored incorrectly.


            Having worked for various private collectors as well as known dealers, I can help connect you with whoever you may need if requested.